MAK KIBOUR Owner, Stylist


A native of Ethiopia, Makda Kibour migrated to the U.S. 25 years ago. Over the years, she has achieved what many stylists envision: a perfect blend of culture, style, and class to create a vision of beauty that is natural and exotic. Her inspiration comes from the many countries that she lived in or visited over the years. She opened her first salon in 1994 in Old Town, VA, she perfected her ability to style anyone. Her artistic creations have been recognized by Aveda on more than five occasions. Many have witnessed and learned from the knowledge she has accumulated over the years at Aveda events. Additionally, she has had the honor of being selected by Aveda, from among numerous stylists in the Washington area, to judge Aveda Institute hair competitions.

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Best of Alexandria 2008 - Salon Award Best of Alexandria 2008 - Salon Award Best of Alexandria 2010 - Salon Award
Best of Alexandria 2011 - Salon Award 2012 Hair Salon Award in VA 2013 Hair Salon Award in VA     

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